Sometimes with the busyness of our lives, we find ourselves drifting apart from our spouses over time. After years of attending to our families and our careers, our spouses may even begin to feel like strangers to us. We remember the early days of our relationship when there was so much passion and connection and wonder, "Whatever happened to us?"

Is marriage "drift" inevitable and are we doomed to spend the rest of our lives in a less than fulfilling marriage? Not at all. There are many things you can do to revitalize your marriage, but first, you must make the commitment to give it the time and attention it needs. Just as a car needs regular tune-ups to keep it in tip-top shape so that it can take us where we need to go, how much more so do we need to give our marriage, the most important relationship in our lives, the attention in needs so that it will carry us through the rest of our lives!