"When we began seeing Debbie, our marriage was hanging by a thread.  Years of neglect, resentment, and poor communication followed by an affair seemed to have done so much damage, we were beyond repair.  We both struggled to see the value in saving our marriage.  With Debbie's guidance, we realized that we owed it to ourselves, our relationship, and our family to try and salvage "us".  Debbie helped us understand and accept that there was fault on both sides; both of us were responsible for the deterioration of our marriage.  More importantly, she showed us ways to break the destructive cycles we had settled in.

Despite the progress we've made, healing is a long process and we need more time to see where our relationship will go from here.  We aren't out of the woods yet, but we're in a much better place as individuals and as a couple.  In getting to that place, Debbie provided perspective, encouragement, tools to facilitate communication, and introduced us to other useful resources, but the most important thing she gave us was hope."​​

     --Tom and Mary H.

You would never guess it today, that only 6 months ago, my marriage was only a signature away from being nonexistent. My life felt upside down and backwards with no understanding of how to "right the ship." Upon speaking to my soon to be ex-wife, we decided to give it one last-ditch effort to save our ship, by seeking professional help. We came across Debbie with Marriage Coaching LLC, and decided we would give it a try.  We liked the idea of coaching rather than counseling. 

Debbie focused on how to resolve future issues rather than hashing up old ones. If a past issue were to come up during session, she would focus on how to prevent it in the future and not point fingers as to who was right or wrong in the situation. I am grateful to say we learned some valuable lessons during our time with Debbie! And even more grateful to say my marriage seems to be better than it has been in a very, very long time! Thank you Debbie for your time, caring, and compassion in wanting to help our marriage succeed! I am very happy we found her and decided to let her work with us!
     --Matt and Summer S.

Sadly, my husband and I lost our way in our marriage. We knew we needed to address our issues to have any chance of staying together but we weren't confident that we could manage it alone. We were searching the internet for marriage counselors in the Huntsville area when we stumbled upon your website which offered a very different approach. After reading your website, we felt coaching might be a better fit for us than traditional counseling. Our time with you was extremely helpful! As my husband says, "She gives us the tools we need to get out of our own way". Our biggest mistake has been prioritizing everything in our lives except for our marriage. Your homework assignments forced us to rethink what is important. Once we began implementing "dates", "business meetings" and "snuggle time", we quickly realized what we had been missing. He and I have always worked well together as partners but now we are rekindling our passion for one another too. Thank you for your guidance! I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a less traditional but more effective approach. 

"My wife and I started meeting weekly with Debbie after realizing we needed a little help in our marriage.  After 19 years of marriage, full-time jobs, and two kids at home, we had both gotten a little distracted and complacent, with neither one of us feeling particularly fulfilled.  We were closer to roommates with the occasional “benefits” rather than the loving couple and partners we were 15 years ago.  Being a practical person, I was intrigued by the ‘coaching’ approach, rather than traditional marriage counseling.  Of course, I also had some reservations in talking about something so personal and intimate with anyone.

After our first visit with Debbie, those reservations were gone.  She was warm and genuine, easily able to relate to our struggles with stories from her own past.  She quickly understood our predicament and laid out a path to improvement.  I appreciated her practical approach to each session, identifying something each of us could do differently and giving us ‘homework’ for the next week.  We started to see results immediately as we replaced apathy with effort, knowing Debbie would be holding us accountable at the next meeting.  She never placed blame.  Instead, she focused on little things we each could do to make the other feel treasured, valued, and loved.  For us, the pragmatic approach was perfect and the kick-in-the-pants exactly what we needed.

After a handful of weekly sessions and an armed with an array of new tools, we have now switched to monthly meetings with Debbie just to maintain that accountability.  She’s continuing to guide and encourage as we work to replace old, negative habits with new, loving ones.  As a result, we have a stronger marriage, and we both feel more connected and more intimate.  We encourage anyone who needs anything from a little marriage ‘booster’ to a whole lot of help to meet with Debbie!"

     --Dave and Anne M.

We were fortunate. We knew our marriage needed a bit of a tune-up and some improvement in communication, but we weren’t in a desperate situation. And that’s probably the most important message we’d share: Don’t wait for a desperate situation. Fix the little stuff before it becomes big stuff – and that’s where Debbie was such an incredible help. She listened, she advised, she encouraged, she offered a lot of resources – and she challenged us to become better people as individuals and a better couple. It was time well spent.
  --Franklin and Joyce